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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Hall of Shame - 2022

Here at ORC we are well in to our tenth year of service, so we offer some more Hall Of Shame entries that are real doozies. Here we go! 

Cowboy Two-Fer - SW Portland & Forest Grove  (Aug 05, 2022)  

Both of these brand new roofs have serious issues.  The first roof was put over a1X8 ship lap deck that wasn't prepared properly, as you can see it is very bumpy. A new roof that is the only layer should lay flat. Plywood should have been installed or at least renail the entire roof deck and replace any warped boards. The owner said this 'professional roofer' was recommended by a friend. I told her that her friend owed her an apology.

The second roof has an improperly installed ridge vent. The roofer also used too long of nails at some overhangs which damaged the plywood and just looks real bad. On some overhangs shorter nails were used that don't blow through. Certainteed allows shorter nails provided you add 2 extra nails to compensate for the minimal deck penetration.  Update: The roofer says all has been reworked - it hasn't. The arrogance of these guys is amazing. The owner will now file a CCB complaint.   

New Roof Inspection - N. Portland, OR  (Jul 07, 2022)  

The owner had concerns so we had a look at his new roof.  The roof install is overall better than most of what I see. The problem here is at the business / administrative end of the job. The contract said ' Tear off roofing on house and garage and install new black shingles '. That's it. Law requires a detailed contract. This one fell way short. Plus, to bid and work on a pre 1969 structure you must have a lead paint qualification. These guys don't. 'Contract' said $22,000 for paint and roof but no breakdown of terms. Stay tuned as a lawyer will soon be consulted and a CCB complaint will be filed.    

New Roof Inspection - Gresham, OR  (Jun 29, 2022)

The owner wanted piece of mind so we had a look at his brand new Pabco roof The install is overall within industry standards except for 1 important thing - 95% of the shingle nails are out of the required nail zone and a high % are over driven. Pabco has 2 red lines a half inch apart on all shingles. That is where the nails must go. All shingle manufacturers are quite clear regarding correct fastening. This job out in windy east county where 6 nails per shingle are required. Nails here are 4 and 5 per shingle. Roofers likely paid 'piecework' which encourages speed and compromises quality. Who cares the homeowner will never know.............unless that mean rotten guy from ORC shows up.

Ultimate Ripoff - Beaverton OR (May 10, 2022)

The contract says Malarkey shingles. These are not Malarkey shingles. Breach of contract / fraud. Fraud is a crime. Fasteners are staples. This roof was put on in 2011. Staples were disallowed by code in 2003. Even if staples were still allowed these are too short, plus they were placed improperly. The staple crowns are supposed to be parallel to shingles, instead they are vertical and at an angle. I strongly advised the homeowner to demand a full refund from these &%$#@! crooked !@#$%&.

New Roof on Geodesic Dome Inspection - Springfield, OR (Mar 07, 2022)

From a distance this is a beautiful job but there are multiple legitimate issues. First and not a good way to start is that the homeowners were not provided a contract. Oregon law requires a detailed signed contract before any work begins if the job is over $2,000. Some roof facets are almost vertical and code considers any facet that is over 60 degrees a wall and walls have different rules. Nailing not correct on these facets. Code requires flashing at any pitch change there is none here. In lieu of flashing shingles must be face nailed. We also found shingles with 2 and 3 nails. An area with no starter course and first 2 rows had nails 1" down from the top of the shingles. Can't do that. The homeowners are not pleased. They will file a CCB complaint and may well end up hiring a lawyer. All the owners wanted was a good roof now all they have is stress and headaches. A friend of these homeowners recommended this roofer and boy do they feel bad about it ! Just a shame all the way around. Homeowner and roofer both going through unnecessary stress that could have easily been avoided.

After the job we went east 12 miles to visit the Goodpasture covered bridge in Vida then to nearby Leaburg fish hatchery. A really nice day trip.     

➲ See our Roof Inspection Report:  

Update : Roofer refuses to accept responsibility. It's everyone elses fault but his. Sounds like Joe Biden. A lawyer has been hired.

New Roof Inspection - North Portland, OR (Feb 25, 2022)

Major leaking and interior damage here. Main reason is they put a ridge vent on a flat roof. Can’t do that.  Major leaking and a whole bunch of wall and ceiling had to be torn out. Of course, as is quite common, the so called 'professional roofer' won't take responsibility for his actions. It's everyone elses fault. A lawyer has been contacted. Stay tuned..................    

Home Sale Roof Inspection - SE Portland, OR (Feb 08, 2022)

The senior citizen owner – with a target on her back – was told by three roofers she needed a new roof. As you can see, she doesn’t need a new roof. It is a shame that some guys will lie just to make a sale. This home seller was very happy with our service. "money well spent" she said. Feels good to help folks get un-ripped off.   

Roof Inspection - Vancouver, WA (Feb 04, 2022)

This homeowner had concerns so we had a look. Overall not a bad job but ridge vent opening too small - must be 2" minimum. This is 1 1/4" wide. Nails for ridge shingles on ridge vent too short. At some rake edges the shingles lap past the T metal like they should however on other rake edges the shingles were cut flush with the metal. They call that inconsistent.


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